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What is the Toponymic Certificate and what is it for

Officially issued by the City Council, it contains information certifying the name of the street(s), building number(s) and/or the parish of the property in question, as well as possible changes that may be contemplated. This is an extremely important document as it can correspond current elements with previous elements, verified on site or registered by local entities.

In this type of certification, toponymy is mandatory, which corresponds to the name of the street, alley, avenue, etc., the building number and the parish, and must be presented when concluding a promise-purchase and sale contract, but also in the deed , which is mandatory whenever changes have been made to the address.

Where can I request a Toponymic Certificate?

This certificate can only be requested by the legal owner of the property or by the tenant, for the purpose of changing the address, at the Municipal Council where the property is located.

What exactly is this certificate for?

  • Buying and selling properties - The Toponymic Certificate will be required in any of these situations, as it contains updated information regarding the location of the property. It is, therefore, mandatory in the deed and registration of the purchase and sale.

  • Proof of address - If you want to open a bank account, you may be asked for this certificate, as it serves as proof of the address where you live.

  • Registration changes - In situations where the street names, building number or parish of the property have been changed, the toponymic certificate must be updated, meaning it may be requested for this purpose.

  • Obtain licenses and permits - You may be asked for the certificate in certain municipal and public services, namely as a response to construction license processes, commercial registration, vehicle registration, updating records, among others.

  • For legal matters - The toponymic certificate can be essential in adverse possession processes, inventories or legal proceedings.

  • Hiring services - This certificate can be requested by service companies such as supplying internet, gas, electricity, water, among other services, as proof of the customer's address. Therefore, this is a central document for several processes, but especially in the purchase and sale of a house. See full article here. Source: Suprecasa


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