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Tricks for getting ironed clothes out of the washing machine

Washing, hanging, picking up and ironing: taking care of clothes isn't exactly a quick process, so it's always good to have some tricks to save time and be able to dedicate it to other tasks. Fortunately, there are several things you can do while doing the laundry that will skip the last step. Here are some home tricks to get ironed clothes out of the washing machine.

Avoid overloading the washing machine

If you load the washing machine all the way up, the included items won't have enough room to move, they'll be cramped and extremely wrinkled. In addition, this act can end up damaging the clothes during the wash. By proceeding in this way, the wrinkles that are generated will be very marked and will be more difficult to eliminate.

Fabric softener is essential

If you use fabric softener when washing clothes, the fibers of the clothes will soften and thus avoid creases. In addition, the clothes will be much softer and with a very pleasant aroma.

Light spin program

Choose a medium spin program, for example 600 rpm. It won't get all the moisture out of the clothes, in fact it will leave around 80%; this way the clothes will come out more humid, but less wrinkled.

Ice as an ally

This is a trick that few know about: put an ice cube or two in the washing machine drum before turning it on so that the clothes come out with as few creases as possible. When the appliance starts working, the heat will turn the ice into steam and, thanks to this, the clothes will be ironed.

Remove clothes from machine immediately

This is one of the most important tips that will help you to keep your clothes crease free. Take the clothes out of the washing machine as soon as the wash cycle is finished. If you do not do this and the clothes get wet in the washing machine, they will become wrinkled and may also acquire a strong musty smell.

Shake clothes before hanging them

Shake the clothes well before hanging them - This way you will remove excess water from the clothes, you will release lint and also remove some creases that may remain after washing. After shaking, hang the clothes on hangers, well stretched. This way it will be much easier for the fabrics to be without creases or folds.

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