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The city of Braga grows 6%

Braga district currently has 828,650 inhabitants, compared to the 848,185 registered in 2011.

Braga, Concelho, crescimento

These numbers are equivalent to a growth of 6.5% compared to data obtained in previous Censuses, dating from 2011.

That year, Braga had 181,494 inhabitants, which means that it currently has over 11,830.

Considered the youngest municipality in the country, Braga has 60,264 residents aged between zero and 29 years old.

The numbers revealed today confirm the preliminary results of the 2021 Census advanced in July 2021 by INE.

At the time, the mayor, Ricardo Rio, pointed out “quality of life” and migration as the main factors behind the increase in the number of inhabitants of the county over the last 10 years.

He referred, namely, to the Brazilian community, admitting that there could be around 10 thousand citizens of that country residing in Braga.

The mayor also added that the foreign community could represent between 7 and 8% of the total population residing in the municipality.

In addition to Braga, two other municipalities in this district registered an increase in residents: Esposende, which went from 34,254 to 35,132 inhabitants, and Vizela, which now has 23,896 residents, compared to 23,736 in 2011.

According to the conclusions of the 2021 Census, Portugal lost 2.1% of its population in the last 10 years, rising to 10,343,066 on April 19, 2021 and reversing the growth trend recorded in recent decades.

Source: O Minho


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