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Real estate: learn about the four trends that redefine spaces

Flexibility, well-being, sustainability and technology are increasingly valued factors in the way of living, working and consuming. Currently, houses with larger spaces, outdoor areas and environments that foster a sense of community, quality in the work environment, increasingly hybrid and digital, and establishments that bet on local and sustainable products when buying are in demand.

These are part of the conclusions of the “Live, Work & Shop” report, by the real estate consultancy CBRE, the result of a survey carried out with around 20 thousand consumers, among baby boomers and generation Z, to find out how people live, work and do shopping.

Housing: quality of life, location and sustainability are key factors

According to the study, prepared by the People Insights area, there is a demand for larger spaces, with outdoor areas, environments that foster a sense of community and well-being. Factors such as quality of life, location and sustainability are now key factors in housing demand. One-third of consumers surveyed globally intend to move house in the next two years.

Work: office location, workspace quality, and hybrid model

After the changes in the way of working caused by the pandemic, the return to the office continues to be felt. Workers began to take into account factors such as flexibility, balance between professional and personal/family life, professional development and the quality of the work environment as factors for choice and decision. In Europe, 38% of respondents say they have returned to the office full time and 90% of workers say they want to continue spending time in the workplace, which demonstrates the need for companies to maintain their focus on offices.

Consumption: preference for local products, community support and responsible consumption

Despite the rise of e-commerce, traditional retail was identified as the preferred shopping method for consumers in seven out of ten survey categories. Consumers value the in-store shopping experience and the product is crucial.

See the report in full here.

Source: SAPO


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