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Porto - European City of the Future

The city of Porto is at the top of the European cities and regions of the future, according to the ranking of the Financial Times fDI Intelligence magazine, thus continuing to score international points with regard to its attractiveness and regional development drivers.

To arrive at these results, 90 European cities and regions were evaluated based on the best investment promotion strategies, and through criteria such as the number of foreign investments registered during the last year, sectors of activity with the highest growth and results obtained through local policies in terms of attracting energy resilience, sustainability and talent.

For the first time, Porto ranks first in the "fDi strategy - Large cities" category, an award it managed to achieve due to its municipal strategy for promoting foreign direct investment (FDI). These were results announced during an event held at the Pasteleira Reservoir, by the Porto municipality.

Ricardo Valente, councilor of Porto City Council guarantees: "today we make history. More than the result, what is relevant is the process, which is the guarantor of its future sustainability".

In direct investment, during 2022, the city of Porto was able to attract around 433 million euros, which is more than double compared to the previous year. This will have boosted 1380 direct jobs, which will have had an impact on attracting companies and increasing their visibility.

Behind Porto are Birmingham (England), Glasgow (Scotland), Antwerp (Belgium), Manchester (England), Katowice (Poland), Izmir (Turkey), Gothenburg (Sweden), Adana (Turkey) and Bilbao (Spain). ). The awards ceremony will take place on March 14 in Cannes, France.

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Source: Casa Sapo


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