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Porta 65 Young Lease Support Program

Porta 65 Jovem aims to support the leasing of housing for residence, attributing a percentage of the rent value as a monthly subsidy. The maximum rent amounts allowed in this program were established in 2010 and, since then, have been increased annually, according to the coefficient fixed every year for updating housing rents. There was never, however, an update of the base values.

From January 1, 2023.The Porta 65 youth rental support program will change. The Government will update the maximum income amounts of supported properties, "to more realistically fit what market values are".

The State Budget, which comes into effect on January 1st, increases the allocation for Porta 65 by 30% in addition to the increase in the rent ceiling authorized by the Council of Ministers. With that, Porta 65 fits more realistically with what are market values and will make more affordable housing to be supported under the program.

Currently, for example in the municipality of Porto, Porta 65 finances the lease of T0 and T1 up to a maximum amount of 468 euros, 581 euros for T2 and T3 houses, and 756 euros for T4 and T5. In Lisbon, in turn, these amounts are currently 581, 756 and 869 euros, respectively.

“We made some changes that will significantly increase the [rent] ceiling of the properties that will become part of the Porta 65 program”, said the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, Pedro Nuno Santos, at the press conference held at the end of the meeting. weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers, in Lisbon.

Pointing out that currently many properties “are outside the program because the ceilings are limited” and that in recent years there has been a very significant increase in rents, Pedro Nuno Santos said that the update to be carried out in 2023 will allow “many houses to enter the program and that many young people who were left out because they could not find homes with incomes compatible with the program could join it”.

Although the update of rent ceilings is applied to the whole country, the minister exemplified with the cases of Lisbon and Porto, which are the places “with the greatest pressure” on the value of rents and where there was “greater exclusion of properties”.

Thus, in the case of a T2 in Lisbon, where the current maximum limit is 756 euros, in 2023 the ceiling will be 1,150;

For a T2 in Porto, which now has a limit of 581 euros, the ceiling will be 1,000 euros.

Applications to Porta 65 Jovem are all made online, at the Housing Portal. Simply click on “Present Application” and enter your Taxpayer Number (NIF) and password defined to access the Tax Authority.

Source: Idealista


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