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Mais habitação - What changes in the Portuguese Real Estate sector

After advances and setbacks, the controversial Mais Habitação was approved and is now in force: it includes, for example, the end of golden visas and the beginning of coercive leasing. Meanwhile, the State Budget proposal for 2024 (OE2024) has arrived, which details how the Socialist Government intends to execute the program, from measures to support families affected by the crisis to increasing the supply of affordable housing. And in the midst of the turmoil in which housing finds itself these days, the Executive with an absolute majority announced the end of the non-habitual residents regime, which exploded like a bomb in real estate. After all, what is at stake in all these policies that affect the lives of those who live and do business in Portugal? The idealista/news guide helps you understand.

Housing in OE2024: what is at stake

Mais Habitação already in place

End of the RNH (Non-Habitual Resident) shakes up the real estate sector

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Source: Idealista


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