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Lease contracts fall in 17 municipalities in Portugal

In Portugal, there are 24 municipalities with more than 100 thousand inhabitants. And, of these, the number of lease contracts fell by 17 between the summer of 2021 and the summer of 2022, including Lisbon (-13.3%) and Porto (-8.9%). These were the five municipalities in the country where there was the biggest drop in house rentals between July and September and the same period last year:

Vila Nova de Famalicão (-20.5%);

Setúbal (-15.2%);

Loures (-14.2%);

Sintra (-14.1%);

Lisbon (-13.3%).

On the other hand, the National Institute of Statistics (INE) recorded an increase in the number of lease contracts in five municipalities:

Vila Nova de Gaia (9.4%);

Funchal (7.7%);

Vila Franca de Xira (4.1%);

Coimbra (2.4%);

Barcelona (2%).

In Guimarães (0.4%) and Braga (0.2%) the number of lease contracts was practically stable between these two moments.

Unsurprisingly, it was in Lisbon that the most houses were rented in the summer of this year, with a total of 2,346 documents signed. And right behind it is Porto, with 1,188 leases. The two largest Portuguese cities continue to lead the rental market even with a drop in the number of contracts compared to the previous year. On the other hand, Barcelos (152) and Santa Maria da Feira (176) were the municipalities where fewer houses were rented.

Source: Idealista


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