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How is your health? See how Europeans perceive their health!

This map shows an interesting image of how Europeans see their health.

Of course, this shows people's self-perception of health, not the real condition of their health. The way people perceive your health and how well it really is can vary. Obviously, there is no set of data that really accurately judges the general health of the population of a country, however, self-perception of health is a very interesting form of evaluation.

The Baltic countries and Portugal have, by far, the lowest self-perception of health. Less than 60% of people perceive their health as good or very good. In Lithuania (47.9%) and Latvia (49.8%) people who consider their health good or very good are even a minority.

Fortunately, most Europeans consider their health good or very good. In Ireland (81.2%), Albania (82.8%) and Switzerland (83.3%) the percentages are the highest.

The data on this map were obtained from Eurostat. The results refer to a survey in which people classified their health as very good, good, regular, bad or very bad. The percentages on the map represent the people who responded with good or very good.

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Source: Landgeist


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