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House rents in Portugal rose 4.3% in April

Houses for rent became more expensive in all regions of the country in April. And the "most intense" climb was in Madeira, says INE.

Portugal is faced with a scarce supply of houses for rent, a reality that motivated the Government to design a series of measures in Mais Habitação to place more housing on the market. This is because the lack of supply for the high demand continues to fuel the escalation in house prices for rent in Portugal.

Data from the National Statistics Institute (INE) published this Thursday reveal that housing rents were 4.3% more expensive in April 2023 compared to the same period last year.

“The year-on-year change in housing rents per square meter was 4.3% in April 2023 (4.2% in the previous month)”, indicates INE in the bulletin published this Thursday, May 11.

And this is a visible reality across the country, as all regions showed positive year-on-year variations in housing rents. The highlight was even for the Autonomous Region of Madeira, as it recorded the "more intense" increase in house rents (4.9%).

Compared to the previous month, the average value of housing rents per square meter rose by 0.4% (0.5% in the previous month). “The region with the highest positive monthly change was the North (0.5%), with no region having seen a negative change in the respective average value of housing rents”, highlights the institute.

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Source: Idealista


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