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Government is reviewing land law to create affordable homes

The Government will present the first version of the revision of the land law within 30 days to accelerate responses that allow the creation of more affordable housing at controlled prices, said the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing.

“It was our commitment on May 10th to revisit the land law. In the next 30 days we will present a first version for debate and dialogue. We have been in permanent dialogue between the Ministry of Cohesion and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing. We have to have a proposal within 30 days”, said Miguel Pinto Luz.

In Porto, where this Wednesday he was with the Deputy Minister and Territorial Cohesion, he participated in a ceremony to sign terms of responsibility for the construction or rehabilitation of dwellings for vulnerable families, Miguel Pinto Luz said that the debate with the mayors, the society and professional orders is already underway.

On the sidelines of the session, it was the Deputy Minister of Territorial Cohesion, Castro Almeida, who clarified and gave details about this work.

“Our objective is to create better conditions for a greater supply of land and lower the price of houses, thinking about houses at affordable prices and at controlled costs for people with greater needs (…). We will try to remove legal obstacles to increase the construction supply. We are not going to authorize building on floodplains, it is out of the question, there are areas where it is not possible to build. But there are others that could be built”, said the official.

Castro Almeida guaranteed that the final decision will be made by the municipalities, with the Government being responsible for adapting the legislation, repeating that “the work is already being done” and that “today” he would have meetings with technicians and specialists from the North and Center.

Recalling that “the housing problem has become much worse in recent years”, Castro Almeida pointed out that “today, seven times less is being built than was built 15 or 20 years ago”, and is therefore peremptory: “A way of lowering the price and increasing the construction supply means finding more land to build on. We have to find a rigorous formula, a formula that does not allow speculation or abuse, that allows local authorities to identify new land suitable for construction”.

Another 2 thousand houses will be built in the North and Center of Portugal

After on Tuesday, the Government announced, in Évora, an investment of 328 million euros for the construction or rehabilitation of 2,871 homes for vulnerable families, this Wednesday (June 12th) it began to sign the terms of responsibility with the municipalities of the North and Center.

For the North, 185.2 million euros are allocated for 1,459 dwellings, in a total of 40 municipalities, while for the Center, 37.2 million euros are allocated for 440 dwellings, in a total of 14 municipalities.

Regarding the review of the soil law, on the sidelines of the ceremony, the president of the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities (ANMP), Luísa Salgueiro, said that municipalities are available to collaborate “as long as they can comply with all applicable rules”.

“We are available to find more land to build on as long as scrupulous compliance with the law is guaranteed because we are very scrutinized, particularly in this area of ​​checking planning and urbanism rules. We don’t want to take any risks”, said Luísa Salgueiro, to journalists.

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Source: Idealista


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