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Exemption from capital gains for those who sell a house to amortize credit

The tax exemption is applied when the sale value is intended to amortize the homeowner's or descendants' credit.

The measure is part of the "More Housing" package approved by the Council of Ministers and which allows for the non-taxation of capital gains resulting from the sale of the owner's properties and which are applied in the amortization of the first home loan for him and his descendants.

The new housing package approved includes several measures aimed at stimulating the rental market, as well as streamlining and encouraging construction.

Among the measures approved, the exemption from tax on capital gains when the house is sold to the State, in order to increase the supply of houses for the affordable rental market.

The Mais Habitação package will be under public discussion for about a month, when it will return to the Council of Ministers on March 16, to approve the proposal that the Government will send to the Assembly of the Republic.

Learn more about the Mais Habitação package by clicking below.

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Source: Idealista


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