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Braga Romana - Revive Bracara Augusta

From the 22nd to the 26th of May, Braga celebrates the golden times of its foundation with the recreation of Bracara Augusta, the Opulent and Eternal City, ennobled with the title of the emperor, Augustus.

Over the course of five days, the hustle and bustle of the Roman cities is recreated, so that together we can share the cultural legacy of our ancestors, the history, heritage and customs that make up our collective identity today.

2024 brings a program full of new features, with a focus on classical theater combined with a vision of History through media arts, an increase in innovation in visits to heritage, as well as the presence of the school community and international groups in fascinating activities.

Immerse yourself in this encounter with the past, revisit the archaeological sites, tour the city in purple tones, fall in love with the intoxicating music and dance and recognize yourself in the tragedies and comedies of classical theater.

In Braga we are all Bracaraugustan citizens and under the protection of the Goddess Flora we celebrate Spring surrounded by infinite inspirations.

Sharpen your senses and enjoy!

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Source - Braga City Council.


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