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Braga detects more than 100 people residing in shops and garages in the city

The Mayor of Braga revealed this Monday that, in the last month and a half, more than a hundred residents residing in shops or garages were detected, totaling 20 flagged situations, and called for the reporting of these cases.

"We are talking about 20 situations. Altogether, we will be talking about more than a hundred people who would be in an illegal housing situation, especially in the urban area. Unfortunately, it is a more common situation in the parishes of the urban fabric, where there are more commercial spaces , also at the base of the buildings, and these are the spaces that are normally used", said Ricardo Rio (PSD), in statements to journalists, after the city council meeting.

The subject was raised during the executive meeting by PS councilor Ricardo Sousa, questioning whether the municipality was aware of and what it was doing in the face of this "sensitive problem", disagreeing with the call made by the mayor for people to denounce these illegal situations, considering that would be a step backwards.

For the mayor of Braga, this type of situation needs "an emergency response", which "has been articulated" with BragaHabit - Braga's municipal housing company - and with Social Security, "which have responded" to the needs of these residents.

Ricardo Rio says that, in the more than one hundred people flagged, there are immigrants, but also Portuguese, taking the opportunity to "demystify" an idea.

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Source: Idealista


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