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I changed and now 🇧🇷 is a portal for people who have moved or are thinking about moving to another country, or simply to another city. And for people who are already locals and want to promote their work, business or participate in the community by giving tips and information that can help expats to feel at home away from home!


Connect with the community you'll be living in before you even arrive. 


Meet people,   have important information and tips that will make it easier when choosing, for example, the neighborhood that best suits your needs, a liberal professional to solve your home problems, an accountant to open your your company, your children's school. 🇧🇷 . 

All this in an easy and fun way! 


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Be a Member

Together we can contribute to helping people feel part of a community more quickly.

Be a member and share in our forums and thematic groups, the information that only you have about your community!


Social media

Social media groups such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and others are excellent integration tools. Share here the groups you know in your region. Participate in the forums and the Blog. Recommend Mudei e Agora¿ and the people and services that are part of it!



Are you a liberal professional, self-employed or do you have a company?

Reach your customer quickly and efficiently. Promote your brand to the right audience in your

region !


Be a Correspondent

Join this network of correspondents around the world, so that the information available on Mudei e Agora ¿ is always up to date. If you enjoy writing, and have lived in your city for some time, contribute articles and local information!



Living in Portugal 

For you who live or will live in Portugal


Living in Brazil

For you who live or will live in Brazil


living in


For you who live or will live in Italy

Equipe de negócios no trabalho

Freelancers and Liberal Professionals

Find people who can help you!

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